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    Social responsibilities
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    Social responsibilities

      Social and economic stability is based on trust

      This is why, for a company’s long-term success, it is crucial that it meets its responsibilities as part of society as a whole.

      At Krones, a relationship of mutual trust with the staff and with all relevant stakeholders enjoys maximised priority, as does a meaningful commitment to the society we live in.

      Support for deserving projects

      Above and beyond our entrepreneurial obligations, Krones and its staff also purposefully embrace their social responsibilities in terms of donations and sponsorship (primarily for projects in our own region). This forms part of our CSR activities and is geared to maximising strategic efficacy. A committee scrutinises each and every inquiry, and decides where support will be granted. Our corporate involvement in terms of donations and sponsorship concentrates on support for deserving projects in the fields of education and academia, plus cultural and charitable causes.

      Please direct all inquiries to: Nico Irrgang

      Contact Nico Irrgang
      T: +49 9401 70-3395
      F: +49 9401 70-3395

      Krones’ commitment to open communication

      Krones’ commitment to open communication

      Up-to-the-future solutions for sustainable business management can be found only in a dialogue with all of society’s groupings. For this purpose, we pursue a proactive, open information policy for our stakeholders, thus involving them in our corporate activities.

      We attach massive priority to direct contact here. We support cultural, educational and social projects at the locations of all our facilities, and open our doors to any groups interested. In Neutraubling, which houses the group’s headquarters, Krones is appreciated as an important employer and a welcome stimulus for the regional economy. Staff and their dependants, plus any other people interested, can book guided tours to familiarise themselves with the firm’s production operations. At the other plants, regular »Open Days« are held. In addition, we host annual »Training Days« at our facilities in Neutraubling and Nittenau, so as to provide future school-leavers with information on the various career paths open to them.

      Of course, Krones utilises digital and printed media to communicate news relating to the company: the Krones magazine carries reports on projects and clients, plus technical innovations as well, while the Krones Newsletter covers ongoing events and trends. Since 2010, Krones has also been communicating through the various channels offered by the social media. Above all, the Facebook page, the Twitter account and the YouTube channel have evolved into lively communication platforms, and younger sites, too, like Instagram, Pinterest, Xing and LinkedIn are important elements in Krones AG’s social media mix. On its corporate blog, Krones posts reports and interviews about people, technologies and events.

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